Wunder is an urban mobility technology platform
providing carpooling, smart shuttles, and free-floating sharing

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  • Daimler
  • BMW
  • Tata
  • Wipro
  • Marubeni
  • VDV

We have a powerful technology that can save years of development.

Wunder has built a flexible mobility solution beyond static routes and schedules.

Our mobility platform and global operational expertise enable transportation providers to accelerate the deployment of new mobility offerings.

Wunder offers the software to cities, communities and companies.

Until 2014, Wundercar was operating a private ride sharing platform in Germany and now offers communities, transport companies and car manufacturers a ride pooling platform for the future.

Cars, of course, are not built at Wunder, but new mobility concepts are designed that are already part of everyday life in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, Bangalore in India and Rio de Janeiro.

Wunder Rural Shuttle

Client: A German Transportation Company

Problem: Traditional on-demand bus services in a rural town of Germany with 50.000 inhabitants were implemented since years. Customers called the reservation centre and buses arrived 1 hour later to pick them up. No online- or mobile booking was available. Moreover, there was a lot a manual effort required to dispatch the ride request to the driver and vehicle. That contributed to significant inefficiencies in their internal processes.

Solution: Wunder offers flexible mobility solutions and supports traditional companies to digitize public transport systems.

Regardless of adding our powerful technology to your existing on-demand traffic or by supplementing a public transport system by a flexible system beyond static routes and timetables. Our advanced analytics tools and demand planning will deploy existing fleets of vehicles more efficiently.

Wunder Car
Wunder Shuttle

Wunder Shuttle


Client: Marubeni

Problem: Getting to work is uncomfortable and inconvenient for millions of people living in Metro Manila.Employee productivity and happiness is severely impacted by hours of commuting each day.

Solution: Partnering with local employers to provide an on-demand, flexible shuttle service that picks up employees near their homes and delivers them directly to the office.


They work very quick, fast paced, changing technology and introducing new ideas.

Takeshi Kakimi (General Manager Mobility Project Department at Marubeni)


Wunder is more than a software provider: we operate a global mobility platform.

Our own mobility service is live in the world’s largest cities and we license our technology to partners.


Our Process


  • We start with a joint analysis of your mobility needs and demo of our technology, including any pre-existing technology which requires integration.
  • Next we present you with a detailed project proposal including technology, team as well as KPIs, timelines and a clear budget.


  • With your approval we begin localizing the technology, setting up KPI monitoring tools and defining the final business area.
  • In parallel our growth and marketing experts can craft a customized go-to-market strategy for communicating the mobility service launch.


  • We collaborate closely with your team to facilitate to launch of the mobility service, which can be tracked in real-time on your customized dashboards.
  • It is also possible to assist in integrating existing vehicles such as vans, buses or shared cars on the platform as well as training professional drivers.


  • We support you to scale the service and balance supply and demand
  • If required, we manage all marketing and growth activities with the help of a dedicated operations team
  • Our tech team provides continuous software updates and maximizes the efficiency and quality of service

Our platform is versatile with support for
carpooling, carsharing and Smart Shuttles.

Shuttle Options


Passengers request a trip and a professional driver takes them on requested route.


Driver rents car or scooter by the minute or hour. Free floating or fixed rental locations.

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Driver shares empty seats in a private vehicle for a trip they have already planned.

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