Wunder Press Kit

Our Vision

Wunder’s vision is to free cities from traffic by helping people to share empty seats in their cars.

Company Summary

Founded in 2013 in Germany, Wunder is the world’s leading urban carpooling platform. Wunder’s mobile app allows commuters to easily book the empty seat in a neighbor’s car for their way to work or back home. Passengers enjoy a comfortable and safe ride in a car at the cost of public transportation while drivers recover the cost of their trip. Funded by top tier investors from Europe and the US, Wunder is launching carpooling communities in the world’s most gridlocked cities.

About Wunder

Wunder is the global leader for carpooling in the city. Our app connects commuters to people with empty seats. Anyone with a car can sign up within three clicks and instantly connect with passengers who are headed in the same direction.

Unlike professional taxis, there is no profit for carpool drivers. They only share up to two rides a day and accept a convenient detour in exchange for sharing the cost of the trip with their passengers.

As a result, going to work with Wunder is at least 50% cheaper than “ride-sharing” apps and in many cases it is significantly more comfortable than existing public transportation.

How the app works

Passengers schedule when they want to leave for work and the app automatically calculates carpool matches for the next several days and confirms a fixed price. Drivers are presented with carpool requests and they have the option to accept or skip.

Passengers help cover the cost of the trip by paying the driver in cash. For example a 15 km trip would cost approximately 60P in Manila. There is no surge pricing. Fixed pricing is critical as it helps the driver recover basic costs such as fuel only. No profit is possible.

Safety is also a top priority and community members themselves have ultimately proven to be the best judges of who they feel comfortable sharing rides with on the way to work: A public profile includes a member’s trip history, ratings as well as comments from fellow carpoolers.

Executive Bios

Gunnar Froh, CEO (Founder)

After leaving McKinsey Gunnar built one of the first fully-automated car-sharing schemes in Germany. His second start-up got acquired by Airbnb, where he launched their international expansion.

more about Gunnar

Samuel Baker, COO

Sam previously worked in finance at ebay, founded Computod@s, a tech start-up in Latin America and most recently joined Just Business, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley.

more about Sam

Patrick Arle, CPO

Patrick was Co-Founder and CEO of MYWISH.IS, a marketplace for gifts. An Engineer by training, he worked in several roles at Lufthansa German Airlines, including BI Manager and assistant to the CEO.

more about Patrick

David Jeusette, CTO

David was Co-Founder and CTO of Djump, a ride-sharing platform in Paris and Brussels. He has worked as a founder and CTO in carpooling and ride-sharing since 8 years.

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Facts & Timeline


  • - Users: >200,000
  • - Trips: >1,000,000
  • - Operating in Manila, Cebu, Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai and Bangalore
  • - Headquarters: Hamburg, Germany
  • - Team of 47 people from 24 different nationalities


  • - 2013: Founded in Hamburg, by Gunnar Froh.
  • - 2014: Ride-sharing launch in Hamburg and Berlin.
  • - 2015: Ride-sharing launch in Budapest (Hungary), Warsaw (Poland) and Prague (Czech Republic).
  • - 2016: Developed urban carpooling. Launch in Manila (Philippines).
  • - 2017: Carpooling launch in Delhi (India), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Cebu (Philippines), Bangalore (India), Mumbai (India).

Press Coverage

“This new app shows a lot of promise. If Wunder gains momentum and garners positive testimonials, then we’ll have one more precious tool to use against the traffic problem.“

- Topgear

“With all the traffic that is choking the Metro, we’re always on the lookout for better options of getting around. Wunder is a new player that is worth checking out!“

- Spot.ph

“Trips on Wunder are limited, so that passengers only chip in for the cost of gas as drivers travel to or from their destination.”

- Rappler

"Meet the Southeast Asian Carpooling App Run Out of Germany. Save money and help solve the traffic problem"

- Inc.com



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General press inquiries: press@wunder.org

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