Urban carpooling

A safe and easy way to carpool to work. Share empty seats with friendly people who live and work close to you.
Join the community

Simplify your daily commute!

Wunder is the world's largest carpooling community for the city. 
Enter your home and work location to be matched with friendly neighbors. Catch a ride to work for the cost of gas!


Enter your travel details and tell the community when you need a ride.


A friendly neighbor traveling your way will offer to pick you up.


Rating and commenting on your driver will build a stronger community.


We provide you with the best fitting requests.


All you need to do is select one request and accept it.


At the end of the ride you are able to rate and comment on the passenger.


Split cost

Wunder drivers share the empty seats in their cars to save on gas money. As a guest, there is no cheaper way to ride!

Meet people

Carpooling gives you the chance to meet new people who live and work close to you and grow your network.

Reduce traffic

Carpooling helps the planet because more people per car mean fewer cars on the road and less emissions.